JV Skills/Benchmarks

JV Strength/Flexibility Benchmarks in Dance Conditioning Block

  • Ability to complete Field Stretch block with proper fine lines, energy, breath and technique
  • Backbends(from floor OK)
  • Splits at least 1 side or center
  • Heel stretch

JV Movement Skills in Center

  • Plie Exercise (First and Second position)
  • Tendu/Degage/Battelment Exercise
  • Port de Bras

JV Movement Skills Across the Floor

  • Walks (Pedestrian, Coupe, Passe) In Tempo
  • Shifts of Weight ( Side, Back, Side, Front)
  • Battement
  • Chasse
  • Saute (Straight Leg and Attitude)
  • Chaine/Pique Turns
  • Show-based combinations containing up to 4 different moves or patterns.

JV Benchmarks in Flag Basic Blocks (All Skills Both Sides)

  • 100 Drop Spins
  • 10 Sets of Double Time
  • 5 Sets of Even-Ups
  • Cones Exercise
  • Flips Exercise
  • Standard Tosses (Singles, Single and a Halves, Doubles)
  • Pull Tosses ( Singles, Single and a Halves)
  • Parallel Tosses (pizza and One-Handed)

JV Benchmarks in Weapon Basics Block (All Skills Both Sides)

  • Wrist Rotations
  • Spin Exercise (3 sets of 8’s and 1 set of 50)
  • Around the Worlds
  • Short Stops (Rifle Only)
  • Backhands
  • Singles Exercise (Boluga)
  • Triples on left, Doubles on right (Both Weapons)